Unlimited Local Numbers


Local Voip Forwarding w/IvR and Unlimited Minutes

Do you want to call more and pay less? Make it possible. FREE UNLIMITED calls on all plans. 

Knowing that quality is Key over price we ensure the highest level of quality and standards providing service level guarantees on all of our managed Voice and data services. 

Our VoIP for business allows you to get similar phone services and calling plans as you would obtain from a traditional phone company, except ours a simple forward and also unlimited.

Starting at just $49.99 we can have your business going with a local number and up to 10 forwarding extensions, along with an IvR system to guide your clients easily to the destination of your choice.

1 ext. SIP Access & Phone Apps$13.99pc for extra SIP Extensions, PBX / IvR and all normal features, up to 10 IvR Extensions (0, 1, 2, 3 ect...)