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Unlimited Toll Free Numbers

Unlimited Toll Free Numbers


We take the expensive telecom industry out of the equation... We give you an Unlimited solution.

If all we had to offer you was an Unlimited 800 number for only $19.99 /mo, that would be AWESOME ....right... well, that's not it..

Its a Straight forward system that points a Toll Free number to your existing number, It can be a cell, home or business phone, use the voice mail or not... Its that simple...

Our Toll Free phone plan offers simple, hassle-free service with great call routes. No surprise charges on your bill. Just 1 low rate and sweet rewards for your small business.


See Our Unlimited, Un-Metered List of Toll Free Plans Below

  • Unlimited Pro w/IvR

    1 ext. SIP Access & Phone Apps$9.99pc for extra SIP Extensions
    $59.99 /mo $50
    Activation Fee
    up to 10 IvR Extensions
    0, 1, 2, 3 ect...
    Some Customization... as Needed PBX / IvR
    and all normal features
  • 1

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We are A2G DESIGNS, a Web design & Hosting company that supplies small business with the options needed to get thru the hard economic times.

We start with the phone system and work our way up... So let us help you save money, so you can put more profit into the hands of your business.

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